My passion for acting takes flight when I play my first leading theatre role and start my studies at drama school "De Trap" in Amsterdam. More theatre and television work is not long off and I plunge head-first into the world of professional acting, playing roles that I am offered as well as ones I create for myself. I seize international opportunities and play important roles in English, German and French, in places like New York, Dublin and in France. My project GRIND foundation allows me to organise acting workshops taught by internationally recognised actors and directors. My first monologue leaves me with a taste for more and in summer 2012 I gain the Dutch rights for The Netherlands and Belgium from the Broadway hit “I Am My Own Wife”, that will be in the theatres starting Fall 2013. Since 1991 I have worked as a role play actor in the coaching business and I have achieved a great level of experience and versatility in various areas. My voice acting is heard in television and radio ads, in TV series, cartoons and corporate films as well as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Through my company “2 Be Or Not 2 Be”, I am working as a coach for voice, breathing and posture and within GRIND foundation, “GRIND productions”, creates theatre and music productions. Recent I did play leading roles in two short films and both of them got good reviews.